The influence of technical, economic and political factors on energy projects in Bulgaria

  • Kalinka Emilova Boyanova Mrs
Keywords: : Rockefeller, technical, economic and political factors, “Blue Stream” and ”South stream” projects,


Energy is at the heart of the economy. The good combination of technical, economic and political factors is paramount for the implementation of energy supply transport projects in Bulgaria. The gas pipelines affecting Bulgaria are a good example of errors and misjudgments due to underestimating some of these factors.  In the case with the “Blue Stream” the Bulgarian government misjudged the Russian technological capabilities. During the negotiations for the ”South stream” the   Bulgarian government did not underestimate the technological capabilities of the other side, but the projects had to be abandoned because of the confrontation between the West and Russia. Both projects had solid economic and technical foundations, but Bulgaria proved not able to defend its own interests. Given the impact of the political factors, it is clear that Bulgaria must wait for an appropriate "window of opportunity" in order to prevent damaging decisions in similar cases.


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