Challenges for HR- practitioners during and after a pandemic

  • Татяна Петрова Кичева
Keywords: COVID-19, pandemic challenges, HR-practitioners


The advent of COVID-19 changed the working lives of all of us. Most of us switched to remote work, and those who remained in the office worked in shifts with few people. Measures for social distance, disinfection, etc. were needed everywhere. And if this situation is complicated for each of us, it is even more complicated for people who are professionally engaged in managing people in the organization. Their work role changed radically, as they had to deal with all the challenges of  remote work, the worries and fears of the employees, the unclear horizon for future work, and so on. It has allowed the profession to stand out and take its rightful strategic role in companies, but it has also revealed many challenges that HR practitioners need to address in the future. The purpose of this article is to outline not only the difficulties that HR practitioners have faced during the 2020 pandemic, but also the challenges they will face after the end of the pandemic. This article contains the results of the author's research, but  most of the data have been collected through secondary sources such as research articles, publications, journals, websites etc.


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