Can we use ChatGPT and other AI tools to create a full marketing campaign for the performing arts?

  • Ina Nikolaeva Stanoeva Varna University of Management
Keywords: AI, ChatGPT, marketing campaign, digital marketing, performance arts, theatre


The purpose of this article is to present a trial to create a marketing campaign for a theatre performance using some AI tools. ChatGPT, Fotor, Wepik, Kittl, Appypie and were used to create a press release, a Facebook advertising post, a script for You Tube, a marketing strategy and a poster. They were compared with the real life marketing campaign that was created by a real marketing manager. The results show that ChatGPT presents some really good examples of marketing suggestions, while the images from AI platforms didn’t cover the expectations of the customer. We discuss the ethical and legal limitations of using AI for marketing campaign purposes with AI.

Author Biography

Ina Nikolaeva Stanoeva, Varna University of Management
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