Big data in Logistics – definition and sources

  • Nikolay Dragomirov
Keywords: logistics, big data, scm


For the efficient management of the material flows in logistics undoubtedly an adequate information is needed. This is the reason why the implementation of different information systems and technologies provides possibilities for revealing new competitive advantages. Our time could be described as an information boom and there are many information solutions that accumulate enormous quantities of data. Nowadays, the information databases are so large, that their analysis becomes a challenge, that is why different definitions, such as Big data, are emerging. In this article, using data gathered in previous researches, the Big data in logistics are defined, as well as the main possible sources in the context of the interaction between the organisations in the supply chain. In general, these sources are related to the information exchange concerning the prices, delivery terms and used technologies. The other bases are associated with the investment in different information solutions mainly related to order fulfilment and inventory management.


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